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Queen of spades - Carl Jenson Tues Russian Humanities The...

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Carl Jenson Tues, Sep 21, 2010 Russian Humanities The Queen of Supernatural? In Alexander Pushkin’s “The Queen of Spade; And Other Stories” a lot of supernatural psychology takes place, and is intertwined with much abnormal psychology. In this report, parallels will be drawn concerning select happenings in The Queen of Spades”. Using these parallels, the validity to supernatural and/or abnormal psychological events that occur throughout Pushkin’s story will be verified. I will begin by analyzing the character of Hermann throughout the story, to establish his mental state in the final course of the story, and to determine whether abnormal or supernatural psychology more accurately describes what he experienced in the story. From there I will go on and focus on the countess Anna Fedotovna, to take a closer look at her card reading abilities as portrayed in the story. Finally, I will focus on the main scene that can’t easily be explained by either just abnormal or supernatural psychology to determine if more abnormal or supernatural events have took place in “The Queen of Hearts”, or if both are equally present. However to do this, a clear definition should and must be laid out to follow in regards to what abnormal psychology and supernatural psychology are in the confines of this paper. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary online, abnormal psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with mental and emotional disorders, and other certain incompletely understood normal phenomena, such as hypnosis and dreaming. What we take from this for the purpose of this paper is that abnormal psychology is the branch of psychology that is concerned with behavior, emotion, thought, and may or may not refer to having a mental disorder.
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Supernatural psychology on the other hand, involves the psychological effects and influences of phenomena beyond the field of scientific understanding as it is today and as such may also be in conflict with concepts of possibility and or plausibility directly. What this means is that generally, the concept of supernatural is associated with beliefs of religion, other belief systems, or other-worldly and deceased beings.
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