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1 Staff and Administration Cola Wars: Pepsi vs. Coke Denishea Jackson HCA/210 February 28, 2010 Diana Denny
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2 Staff and Administration Medical staff, such as medical assistants has roles and responsibilities that differ from Those of hospital administrators in health care. Medical assistants frequently work in medical Offices and Doctor’s practices, while hospitals are hiring them for their outpatient clinics as part Of a diverse, well-organized health care team everywhere. But on the other hand, health Administrators play a vital role in Saving lives, without having to take a scalpel in hand. As today’s medical staff, medical assistants are an integral part Of a health-care delivery team. Medical assistants are often asked to call and process insurance Referrals to different specialties and diagnostic departments. To demonstrate professionalism And competence as a medical staff, you must have working knowledge of the different Specialties and allied health professionals. Medical staff
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