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Org II Problems - CHEM 241 Fall 2010 Set1 I pledge that l...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 241 - Fall 2010 - Set1 I pledge that l have neither given nor received any unauthorized assistance on this academic assignment, exercise, or examination. Name: ld No: Sign: £22: F Questlon 1 Give the IUPAC names of the followmg compounds: CH 0 I 3 1/0 ll CH3 CH 0\ CH3 {CH2- 0— 0— OH: “H2 ‘C=c CH3 / \. H H OCH3 HSC\©)Lo/u\©/CH3 WL2-¢J%'LMWLC ngWal Lh'bm'c. ant-artful; Question 2 Complete the following reaction: c. CHSQ WZ': Wm w w: /C=C/\ H H aydlC/‘AIOHL {— arm“. ...
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