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KEY SET 4 - CHEM 241 Fall2010 Set4 Question 1 Girdle the...

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Unformatted text preview: CHEM 241 _- Fall2010 - Set4 ' Question 1_. Girdle the niost acidic hydrogen(s) in each compound below . . ii) ' . . fl) C'Ha-CHz-CHz G—H ' . ' [email protected]=CH—C-H . o 0 CH3 CH3 it _ CH3 .9 CHO Question 2."Give True or False to each of the ldllowing statements The B—hydrogens of aldehydes and ketdnes arejacidic enough to react with HO' F in general, mixed aldol condensations can give four different products T Oxidation of an aldehyde with PCC gives a carboxyiic acid H ...
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