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grants - grant to help their program The older programs...

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. Grants are very important to probably most if not all of the new human service organizations because they help these organizations by giving them funds that are very much needed to help people in the community. These grants will give the programs a certain amount of money for a certain period of time which will usually last for a few years. Without these grants most of these new programs will not exist because they will not have any other funding to be available to them to run their program. These grants are for new programs only so programs that have already existed will not be able to receive any type of
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Unformatted text preview: grant to help their program. The older programs that are not able to receive any type of grant will then have to find a new funding source that will be able to help them with money. These grants are also given out to programs that are also beneficial for the source that is giving out the grants, if these sources thought that these programs were not beneficial to them, the community, or will have enough outcomes then they will most likely not provide any funds for that program....
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