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HW8 - H 1 j and H 2 j note that these are functions of you...

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HW8 E17 Fall 2010 1 Do Problem 11.1-4 in the text. Ignore the u ( t ) on v ( t ), in other words, assume the input has been always been present. Note that H ( j ω ) is the admittance seen by the source. 2 Do Problem 11.1-7 in the text. 3 Do Problem 11.2-1 in the text. 4 Do Problem 11.2-4 in the text. The problem asks you to find the system functions
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Unformatted text preview: H 1 ( j ) and H 2 ( j ), note that these are functions of , you are not just supposed to find their values for = 2. 5 Find v L ( t ) for the circuit shown below. Explain how it is possible for this voltage to be larger than that of the source....
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