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midterm solution 1 - b) for time=1:1:Time; r=rand;...

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2 a) fid = fopen( 'rwald.dat' , 'a' ) x=0; for time=1:1:Time; r1=rand; r2=rand; % change to L*rand for jump between 0 and L if r1<0.5 x=x+r2; else x=x-r2; end % 'if' statement end % 'for' loop
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Unformatted text preview: b) for time=1:1:Time; r=rand; x=x+(2*r-1); end % 'for' loop c) for time=1:1:Time; r=rand; if r<0.4 r=rand; x=x+r; elseif r<0.8 r=rand; x=x-r; else x=x; end end...
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