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PHIL 104 C RITICAL T HINKING A SSIGNMENT I NSTRUCTIONS Overview: 1. Answer the following questions in 2 clearly separate parts I, II (500 words). 2. Be sure to answer every question. 3. Meeting the minimum word count as required for each part (I, II) is important. a. Do NOT include the question as part of your word count b. Direct quotations should be short and limited 4. Quotations and material used from other sources should be cited using APA or Turabian. 5. Check your work for spelling and grammatical errors. 6. Be sure to do your own work, do not plagiarize. I. Part One : (250 words) 1. Select ONE of the worldviews (Secular Humanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam) that have been considered in the course content. 2. Using course content and/or sources outside of the course, complete the following- How would the worldview that you selected answer: i. The Question of Origin -
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Unformatted text preview: ii. The Question of Identity -iii. The Question of Meaning/Purpose -iv. The Question of Morality -v. The Question of Destiny -* An overview of these questions can be found in chapter 4 of the Weider & Gutierrez text Consider. II. Part Two : (250 words) 1. Compare and contrast your selected worldview’s answers (as given in Part One) to a Biblical/ Christian worldview. 2. You may wish to refer back to your Worldview Assignment from Module/Week 3. i. The Question of Origin – ii. The Question of Identity – iii. The Question of Meaning/Purpose – iv. The Question of Morality – v. The Question of Destiny-* An overview of these questions can be found in chapter 4 of the Weider & Gutierrez text Consider. This assignment is due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 6....
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