Habits of the Heart_How_to_Build_Character_in_the_Young

Habits of the Heart_How_to_Build_Character_in_the_Young -...

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HABITS OF THE HEART: HOW TO BUILD CHARACTER IN THE YOUNG A. INTRODUCTION (Taken from Habits of the Heart , a teaching video by Elmer Towns, Church Growth Institute, Lynchburg, VA, 1994) 1. Formation of Character Thinking / Understanding Accomplishments / Habits Belief / Conviction CHARACTER Actions / _Life Expectations / _Vision _________ Attitudes / _Values 2. Definition of character. Character is habitually doing the right thing in the right way . 3. Character is result of your discipline. Where a spirituality results in inner power to do good, character results in your habits that make you do good. The believer needs both spirituality and character. One can have character without spirituality, but you can’t have spirituality without habitually doing the right thing in the right way. B. WHY WE MUST TEACH CHARACTER AND KNOW HOW IT IS FORMED 1. The public schools can no longer be trusted to do it. 2. Fewer models of character. 3. Influence of media and music. 4. Conflicting standards of secularization/humanization/etc. 5. Growing hostility of concept of Christian character and standards. 6. Growing lawlessness , divorce, emotional problems, etc. 7. Teaching character is biblical, it obeys God . C. THINKING/KNOWING Spiritual Foundations Dr. Elmer L. Towns Chapter Twenty-One 165
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When you change a person’s thinking / understanding , you influence their beliefs. 1. They must know they are sinners . Morality begins when you recognize the child is “Beauty and the Beast.” All have a dark side, yet great potential. 2. They must know there is a great conflict between good and evil in the world, and that is reflected in their inner life. 3. They must know the gospel and accept Christ as Savior . 4. They must know God’s standards for right living . 5. They must know the power that God makes available for them to live above their natural circumstances. D. BELIEF/CONVICTION When you change a person’s beliefs / convictions , you influence their expectations. 1. Belief is more than a decision to accept Christ. It is the conviction that something is true. a. I hope : I believe this plan will help me lose weight. b. I plan : I believe if I take pills, I’ll lose weight. c. I am confident : I believe cutting calories will help me lose weight. d. I know : I know fasting will help me lose weight. 2.
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Habits of the Heart_How_to_Build_Character_in_the_Young -...

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