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V. A RGUMENTS T HAT T HE B IBLE I S T HE W ORD O F G OD The positive question “Is the Bible the Word of God?” can also be phrased negatively, “Does the Bible have mistakes?” Actually, this is a question concerning the credibility of revelation. It is not an attempt to prove that every word in the Bible is accurate. That is a question of inspiration which will be dealt with in the next section. Also, this section does not answer the question regarding the trustworthiness of the message in the manuscripts that we now possess. That will be dealt with in the section on inerrancy. This section does not begin its arguments that the Bible is the Word of God because it says so. That would be arguing in a circle. That would be like saying, “Wood comes from a tree because it is made of wood.” This section bases its claim upon the demonstration (1) that the Bible is consistent with itself, (2) that the Bible corresponds with reality, and (3) that the Bible’s claims can be scientifically demonstrated. We shall examine the Bible’s claim that it is the Word of God. Being presuppositionalists, we accept it as God’s self-revelation—now we must demonstrate that: (1) its claims are consistent, (2) its claims correspond with reality, (3) its claims work in the life of the reader, and (4) its claims are in harmony with history, with archaeology and with all of nature. When we can successfully apply to the Bible all the methods of proving truth, we can accept its premise that it is the self- revelation of God. THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD BECAUSE OF: ─────────────────────────────── 1. The unique revelation of Jesus Christ. 2. The extraordinary claims that the Bible is from God. 3. The empirical fulfillment of prophecy. 4. The convicting, convincing, converting power of the message. 5. The inexhaustible infinity of its message. 6. The unity of the message from diverse human sources. 7. The trans-cultural appeal of the message. 8. The unmistakable honesty of the Bible. 9. The immeasurable superiority to other literature. 10. The pragmatic test of experience. This section will present ten proofs that the Bible is the Word of God. These arguments are not all equally convincing, but descend in order of importance. A. THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD BECAUSE OF ITS UNIQUE REVELATION OF THE PERSON OF CHRIST. No other book except a book from God could have contained a convicting yet extraordinary message about the Son of God. Even if another book could have conceived such a message, it would not have done so. The first argument that the Bible is the Word of God is based on the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that the person of Christ existed before Creation, that He was the Creator, that He manifested Himself in the Old Testament through Christophanies, that He was born of a virgin and came into the world as the God-man. The Bible declares that Christ lived without sin and died as a substitute for the salvation of sinners. The Bible further declares that Jesus was buried and on the third day
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Week2_1ArgumentsforWordofGod - V. ARGUMENTS THAT THE BIBLE...

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