Igneous processes and plate tectonics igneous 5

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Unformatted text preview: nd Plate Tectonics and Magma factories: Spreading centers Subduction zones Mantle plumes Mantle 5. Igneous Processes and Plate Tectonics Igneous 5. Igneous Processes Igneous and Plate Tectonics and Origin of magma in magma Origin factories: factories: Decompression melting in Decompression spreading centers spreading Fluid-induced melting in subduction zones subduction Hot mantle rises, decompresses, and melts. Dikes A thin dike erupts, spilling lava in “pillows.” Pillow lava Newer, thinner sediments Older, thicker sediments Sheeted dikes in basalt Oceanic crust Gabbro Moho Cold seawater Sheeted dikes Seawater filters through the basalt layer, where it is heated. Dikes intrude dikes to form sh...
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