Intermediate andesitic mafic basaltic ultramafic

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Unformatted text preview: um­ rich …and the composition of magma changes from ultramafic to andesitic. Intermediate, andesitic Mafic, basaltic Ultramafic (low silica) Partial melting creates a magma of a particular composition. Cooling causes minerals to crystallize and settle. Crystallizing minerals Magma chamber A Magma chamber A Magma chamber B Partial melting of country rock A basaltic magma chamber breaks through. Mixing results in andesitic magma. Basaltic magma Magma chamber B Crystals may accumulate on the sides and roof of the chamber due to turbulence. Thought questions for this chapter Thought What observations would show that a pluton solidified What during fractional crystallization? during 5. Igneous Processes a...
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