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Peridotitelayer mantle dikesintrudingdikes spreading

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Unformatted text preview: eeted dikes. Sediments are deposited on the spreading seafloor. The gabbro layer metamorphoses by contact with the magma. Peridotite layer Mantle Dikes intruding dikes Spreading center Heated seawater carrying dissolved minerals Magma chamber Peridotite layer Decompression Melting Mantle The heated seawater then rises. Dissolved minerals precipitate in the ocean. Crystals settle out of the magma, forming the peridotite layer. Fluid Induced Melting Magma of intermediate composition is erupted to form arc volcanoes. Molten sediments combine with lithospheric magma. Trench Oceanic sediments Magma chamber Oceanic crust basalt Oceanic mantle lithosphere The water and molten sediments melt parts of the overlying plate. Asthenosphere Subducting oceanic crust carries sediments with it. H2O Water remains trapped as the pressure and temperature inc...
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