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The first minerals to crystallize from a cooling

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Unformatted text preview: an arise from a uniform parent magma. The first minerals to crystallize from a cooling magma are the ones that are the last to melt. 3. Magmatic Differentiation Magmatic Fractional crystallization is the Fractional process by which the crystals are formed in a cooling magma and are segregated from the remaining liquid. the Example: basaltic intrusion Example: like Palisades, New Jersey like 3. Magmatic Differentiation Magmatic THE PALISADES INTRUSION BOWEN’S REACTION SERIES BOWEN’S REACTION SERIES …while plagioclase feldspar crystallizes, from calcium­rich sodium­rich form… As magma temperature decreases… Temperature ~600°C …materials crystallize in an ordered Orthoclase feldspar Muscovite mica series… Felsic, Rhyolitic (high silica) Quartz Biotite mica Pyroxene Olivine Sodium­ rich se cla gio par Pla elds f Amphibole ~1200°C Magma composition Simultaneous crystallization Calci...
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