Thought questions for this chapter thought if you

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Unformatted text preview: rease. Sediment grains Water H2O H2O The trapped water is released as the temperature increases, … …causing the sedimentary rocks to melt at lower temperatures. Thought questions for this chapter Thought If you were to drill a hole through the crust of a mid-ocean If ridge, what intrusive or extrusive igneous rocks might you expect to encounter at or near the surface? What intrusive or extrusive igneous rocks might you expect at the base of the crust? the Look back at slide 26 Water is abundant in the sedimentary rocks and oceanic Water crust of subduction zones. How would the water affect melting in these zones? melting It would decrease melting point Why are granitic and andesitic rocks so plentiful? It is a matter of the fact they exist primarily in continental It crust so we see them more often crust Key terms and concepts Andesite Andesite Aphanitic Phaneritic Poryphritic Basalt Bomb Country rock Decompression melting Extrusive igneous rock Felsic rock Fluid-induced melting Fractional crystallization Gabbro Key terms and concepts Intermediate igneous rock Intermediate Intrusive igneous rock Lava Mafic rock Magma chamber Magmatic differentiation Obsidian Partial melting Pegmatite Peridotite Pluton Porphyry Pumice Key terms and concepts Pyroclast Pyroclast Rhyolite Tuff Ultramafic rock Vein Viscosity Volcanic ash...
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