Characterized no what might be the origin of a rock

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Unformatted text preview: io of sodium that characterized the magma? characterized No What might be the origin of a rock composed almost What entirely of olivine? entirely The mantle Thought questions for this chapter Thought What processes create the unequal sizes of crystals in What porphyries? porphyries? 2 different rates of cooling different 2. How Do Magmas Form? How Why do rocks melt? 2. How Do Magmas Form? How What is a magma chamber? A rising mass of magma that rising pushes aside crustal rocks as pushes it rises through the crust. 2. How Do Magmas Form? How A temperature of about 1000°C is required for partial melting of crustal rocks. A depth of at least 40 km is depth required for temperatures of required 1000°C to occur. 3. Magmatic Differentiation Magmatic A process by which rocks of varying composition c...
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