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1. St. Denis, Interior 8. Wells Cathedral 2. Laon Cathedral 9. Reims Cathedral Exterior 3. St Denis Exterior 10. Reims Cathedral Window 4. Chartres Cathedral Exterior 11. Reims Cathedral Interior 5. Chartres Cathedral Exterior 12. Amiems Cathedral Exterior 6. Chartres Cathedral Airview 13. Bourges Cathedral Exterior 7. Chartres Cathedral Southview 14. Bath Cathedral Interior 15. Chartres Cathedral Interior St. Denis, Interior The Basilica of St. Denis Paris, France The church is an architectural landmark as it was the first major structure partially  built in the Gothic style. The Rib vault is a type of groin vault where the ridges  formed by the intersecting vaults may rest on and be covered by curved moldings  called ribs. Timber scaffolding were constructed to support the masonry ribs. The  ribs were the skeleton of the vault giving it a lace like appearance. The rise in Gothic architecture began at the Abbey Church of Saint-Denis. Suger, the architect, rebuilt this east end of Saint Denis, and designed the ribbed vaults and pointed arches to allow more light to circulate inside. Laon Cathedral Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Laon; France, Laon; about 1160-1235 France Historical monument Names: Laon Cathedral; Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Laon Location: Laon, France Faith: Christianity Denomination: Catholic
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Dedication: Virgin Mary Category: Cathedrals Architecture: Gothic Features: Medieval Stained Glass Status: active The nave is four-story elevation and sexpartite vaults. The height is about 24m and the width is about 10m. The triforium has the double-shell wall with narrow path. The repetitive arches, one, two, three and one from the floor to the ceiling, are composing rhythmical and unified elevation St. Denis_Exterior The facade of the church is tripartite, which means it is divided into three bays by stationary buttresses. So, in addition to this portal, there are two smaller portals, one on the far left and one on the far right. The west facade was completed in 1140 CE. Just like the rest of the exterior of the
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Museum Project_Essay 3 - 1 St Denis Interior 8 Wells...

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