chp5btest - chp5testb Multiple Choice Identify the letter...

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chp5testb Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. In studying business law, Professor Smith's students also study ethics in a business context. Ethics is the study of what constitutes a. financially rewarding behavior. b. legal behavior. c. religious behavior. d. right or wrong behavior. ____ 2. Mary works in the public relations department of National Sales Company. Her job includes portraying Na- tional's activities in their best light. In this context, ethics consist of a. a different set of principles from those that apply to other activities. b. the same moral principles that apply to non-business activities. c. those principles that produce the most favorable financial outcome. d. whatever saves National's "face." ____ 3. Commercial Products Company (CPC) markets its products nationwide. When making a decision, CPC must take into account the needs of a. consumers and employees. b. owners and shareholders. c. society and the community. d. all of the above. Fact Pattern 5-1 Quantity Trucking Company (QTC) owns a fleet of trucks that transports hazardous waste across the United States. Rod is a QTC driver, whom QTC knows drives longer hours than federal regulations permit. One night, Rod exceeds the limit and has an accident. Spilled chemicals contaminate Small City's water source, forcing the residents to move away. ____ 4. Refer to Fact Pattern 5-1. According to the reasoning of the court in Case 5.2, In re the Exxon Valdez , QTC is liable because a. harm was caused by an unfortunate accident. b. QTC showed reckless disregard for Small City's residents and others. c. Rod exceeded the federal time limit. d. Small City should have better protected the water source. ____ 5.
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chp5btest - chp5testb Multiple Choice Identify the letter...

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