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True/False Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. _F___ 1. If a person breaches a duty of care and another person suffers an injury, causation does not need to be estab- lished. ___T_ 2. The stability and predictability created by the law is essential to business activities. __T__ 3. Bribery of foreign government officials is both an ethical and a legal issue. __F__ 4. Common law is a term for law that is common throughout the world. ___T_ 5. A crime of bribery can be committed even if the recipient does not do what the person offering the bribe asks. ____F 6. Discharging only one employee for ethical reasons has no impact on others' unethical behavior in the work- place. __F__ 7. One cannot recover damages for severe emotional distress absent a showing of personal injury. _T___ 8. Testimony given in court about what someone heard someone else say is not admissible as evidence. _T___ 9. Federal law permits the use of unsolicited commercial e-mail but prohibits certain types of spamming activit- ies. _T___ 10. A person can reproduce copyrighted material without paying royalties for purposes such as teaching, includ- ing multiple copies for classroom use. Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. __B__ 11. Opal files a complaint in a suit against Phil, and he files an answer. The case may now be a. dismissed only after a trial begins. b. dismissed or settled at this point. c. resolved only after a trial ends. d. settled only during a trial. __B_ 12. Linda files a suit against Kate. Kate denies Linda's charges and sets forth her own claim that Linda breached their contract and owes Kate money for the breach. This is a. an affirmative defense. b. a counterclaim. c. a crossclaim. d. an irrelevant response. _B___ 13. Tina steals United Network's computer time and the use of United's phones. Tina commits larceny when she steals a. computer time only. b. computer time or the use of a phone. c. neither computer time nor the use of a phone. d. the use of a phone only. __A__14. The Ohio state legislature passes a law to regulate local delivery services. The final authority regarding the constitutionality of this law is a. the judicial system. b.
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firstmidtermanswers.doc - Spring 2009 First Midterm...

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