10th Ed. Chapter 21 Accepting Dying and Death

10th Ed. Chapter 21 Accepting Dying and Death - Chapter 21...

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Chapter 21: Accepting Dying and Death Objectives Learning Objectives On completing this chapter, you will be able to: Discuss issues related to dying in today’s society. Explain different definitions of death, and describe the psychological stages of death. Describe strategies for interacting with dying people and talking with children about death. Discuss preparations for death, including advance directives and organ donation. Define and distinguish between euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. Describe hospice care. Define grief, and explain how the experience of grief and coping may be affected by the cause and manner of a loved one’s death. Describe common rituals of death, and discuss some of the different types of services and methods of disposing of a body. Terms and Definitions crypts – burial locations generally in the walls, floors, or basements of churches direct (active) euthanasia – intentionally causing death durable power of attorney for health care – a legal document that designates who will make health care decisions for people unable to do so epitaph – an inscription on a grave marker or monument eulogy – a composition or speech that praises someone; often delivered at a funeral or memorial service full funeral services – all the professional services provided by funeral directors hospice care – an approach to caring for terminally ill patients that maximizes the quality of life and allows death with dignity indirect (passive) euthanasia – allowing people to die without the use of life-sustaining procedures
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10th Ed. Chapter 21 Accepting Dying and Death - Chapter 21...

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