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postlab 11 - Post lab 11 questions Sara Irshad 1 The...

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Post lab 11 questions: Sara Irshad 1. The temperature plot of the water started dropping in the experiment because after we put the aluminum in the water, the aluminum had just been in the liquid nitrogen, the heat energy in the water was absorbed by the aluminum. When heat energy left the water and flowed to the aluminum the temperature of the water dropped. The temperature plot started rising again after reaching a low point because the aluminum had absorbed all the heat it could from the water and the water then began to take in heat from the surroundings to come back to the room temperature. In this case the environment is warmer than the water so heat flows into the water. Heat always flows from areas of warmth to colder areas. 2. At the beginning of the experiment the aluminum and water were in equilibrium with the temperature of the water (Ti). The final temperature of the aluminum cylinder comes to equilibrium with the liquid nitrogen (Tln). The third point of
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