Lecture-10 Drug Receptors I

Lecture-10 Drug Receptors I - Drug Receptors Many drugs...

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Drug Receptors Many drugs produce their actions by binding to specific receptors on target cells in the body. Paul Ehrlich more than a century ago coined the term “magic bullet” to describe the specificity of drug action. The direct identification of receptors for drugs, hormones, and neurotransmitters began in the 1960’s with the use of radioactively-labeled compounds (ligands) that bound with high affinities for their target sites. Biochemical and molecular biology techniques have led to the purification and molecular cloning of thousands of specific receptor genes. Examples include the sites of action of Valium, Prozac, Aspirin, opiates and marijuana.
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Regardless of how they are administered, drugs interact with thousands of different proteins, lipids, carbohydrates and other chemicals in the body, but very few of these interactions elicit an effect. A nonspecific binding site is defined as any body component that a drug binds to without leading to an effect (remember albumin?). If binding occurs to a body component that leads to an effect on the cell or organism that component is said to be a receptor and the binding is specific . Most drug receptors are proteins and many specifically bind
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Lecture-10 Drug Receptors I - Drug Receptors Many drugs...

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