an interrelated set of abilities

an interrelated set of abilities - an interrelated set of...

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an interrelated set of abilities, behaviors, attitudes, and knowledge needed by an individual to be effective in most professional and managerial positions Foster an environment of inclusion for all Learn from others with different characteristics, experiences, perspectives, and backgroundsThe key attributes of the diversity competency illustrated in the case study are; Fostering an environment of inclusion with people who possess different characteristics different from themselves. An example would be the company’s Future Leave program which allows Gen X and Gen Y employees and baby boomers alike the flexibility to address the personal and family issues they face at their particular stage of life, while preserving their promising or well established careers. My interpretation of this attribute is, the company takes care of both their young and old employees, which in turn fosters a great sense of loyalty to the company. The more global competencies are expected to not only predict behavior across a wide variety of tasks and settings but also provide the organization with a set of core characteristics that distinguish the company from others in terms of how it operates its business and treats its employees” A set of diversity  competencies would allow for clear communication of what management has determined stakeholders must know  and practice to fulfill their explicit diversity roles and the diversity roles functions inherent in their various business  functions. With diversity competencies in place, diversity goals and expectations are understandable, communicable, 
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an interrelated set of abilities - an interrelated set of...

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