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Name: Class: Date: 2 – D Simulation of the Atom Objectives: 1. To construct a 2-D model of the atom. 2. To make successful analogies between the parts of the simulation and the quantum mechanical model of the atom. 3. To predict, experimentally, where an electron will most and least likely be found in the atom. Procedure: 1. Place the carbon paper between the two bull’s eyes. Make sure that both bull”s eyes are facing the right side up and the carbon paper will be able to leave a mark on the bottom bull’s eye. Secure this with a paper clip on each corner. 2. Stand on a chair or stool and holed one marble out at arms length. Place the bull’s eye directly beneath your hand and the marble. 3. Drop the marble onto the bull’s eye. Make sure your partner catches the marble before it bounces back so it only makes one mark per drop. Repeat this 49 times. Make sure that the marble is dropped at approximately the same height. If done correctly, there should be 50 spots left on the bottom bull’s eye. 4.
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