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ESLO Self Assessment - differences in others 9...

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ESLO & ESP Self-Assessment Rubric Physics Class Criteria Always 3 Usually 2 Sometimes 1 Never 0 1. Speaks politely. Does not curse or use foul language. 2. Comes to class in proper uniform, shoes, no jewelries, and no earrings. 3. Attends class everyday and never comes late. 4. Brings all the needed materials to class. 5. Listens to class discussion, does not talk or disturb the teacher and classmates. 6. Does not sleep in class. 7. Does not do other things in the class. 8. Respects others and is considerate of the
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Unformatted text preview: differences in others. 9. Conscientious of deadlines and submissions. Does not submit work late. 10. Makes wise use of time and finishes work on time. TOTAL 11. Follows ESP policy in the school campus. 12. Speaks English even when there is no teacher around. 13. Follows ESP policy in the classroom. 14. Speaks English only with teachers. 15. Does not speak Thai or other languages with friends. TOTAL...
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