Power Point - Presentation is attractive/ catching...

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Power Point + Oral Presentation Rubric Group Topic/ Members:  __________________________________________________________________ Category                   Competencies Content Information was interesting or important to listeners Well-informed about the topic Included reliable factual information Added supportive details to the main point(s) Organization Organized ideas in a logical way Information and details are easy to understand Long enough to cover important topics Did not exceed the required presentation time Visuals/Technology Use Picture and graphics improved/reinforced the presentation  Pictures, graphics and their placement were creative
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Unformatted text preview: Presentation is attractive/ catching Letters/fonts can be easily viewed and read Slides contain no spelling or grammatical errors Delivery Maintained eye-contact most of the time Speaks clearly and voice is well projected Does not speak too fast or too slow Does not read directly from notes Able to answer questions posed by classmates Completely prepared and has obviously rehearsed Uses props the enhance presentation Stays on topic all the time Scoring is based on the scale of 1 5 ( 5 points as the highest) fbn2008...
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Power Point - Presentation is attractive/ catching...

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