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Presentation Guide: Rube Goldberg Project 1. Briefly explain how you come up with the design of your Rube Goldberg model. 2. What is the end result or goal of your design? 3. Discuss the construction process. Include some problems and successes encountered along the way. 4. How many parts does your model have? 5. What are the simple machines in your model? Trace the paths the object (ball) will follow from start to finish. 6. Discuss the energy transformation and an analysis of external work done on the system.
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Unformatted text preview: (Use physics terms such as: acceleration, speed, momentum, inertia, force, friction, potential and kinetic energy, energy loss, etc.) 7. How reliable is your model? Are you proud of your project? 8. How well did you work with your partner? How did you contribute to the success of this project? 9. If you are given another chance, what will you change in your project? Why? 10.What important lessons did you learn from doing this project?...
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