Ten Reasons to study physics

Ten Reasons to study physics - Ten Reasons Why No Student...

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Ten Reasons Why No Student Should Go Through High School Without Taking Physics For most students taking a high school physics class is a challenge, but it's well worth the effort for the following reasons: 1. Most modern technology involves physics. Any technology involving electricity, magnetism, force, pressure, heat, light, energy, sound, optics, etc. comes from physics. Even though the basic knowledge required for products like fertilizers, drugs, plastics, and chemicals comes from chemistry and biology, these items have to eventually be manufactured, and manufacturing is dominated by physics-based technology. 2. Most branches of sciences contain principles obtained from physics. Like technology, virtually all branches of science contain at least some physics. Chemistry for example becomes indistinguishable from physics when delving into the atomic model. Physics has been called the most basic science and in many cases is required in order to understand concepts in other sciences. 3. Physics classes help polish the skills needed to score well on the SAT. Physics classes provide practice in both algebra and geometry. These are the types of mathematics most likely to occur on the SAT. However, physics is not just a math class. To work physics problems, students must be able to read and comprehend short paragraphs then develop problem solving strategies from them. Physics helps develop both math and verbal skills. 4. College recruiters recognize the value of physics classes.
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Ten Reasons to study physics - Ten Reasons Why No Student...

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