The Egg Drop Experiment Rules

The Egg Drop Experiment Rules - reminded of the ESP policy...

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The Egg Drop Experiment Safety Rules: 1. Follow Mr. Felix’s instructions. 2. Get the weight of your model using the scale provided. 3. Be careful when you drop your egg container on the 6 th floor. I don’t want you to fall together with your eggs. 4. No teasing and pushing during the experiment. 5. The activity may be too exciting that it may cause you to speak, swear, or utter Thai expressions that are not acceptable. Please be
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Unformatted text preview: reminded of the ESP policy! 6. Please proceed to the classroom soon after you obtain the result. Calculate your score. Formula for the calculating the score (3000/mass of container with eggs) x (egg score) For 2 eggs: Both broken 4 pts. Both cracked 10 pts. 1 broken, 1 cracked 7 pts. 1 broken, 1 unbroken 12 pts. 1 cracked, 1 unbroken -15 pts. Both unbroken 20 pts....
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