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FALL 2010 - LIST OF ASSIGNMENTS: ASSIGNMENT #1 DUE: PRIOR TO THE START OF THE CLASS AS PROVIDED IN THE COURSE SCHEDULE (5 MARKS) Mr. and Mrs. Jones were delighted that Tamara Smith, age 72, could babysit their three children, Sally, age 15, Peter, age 10, and Constance, age 5, so that Mr. and Mrs. Jones could go out and watch their favorite movie. Because the night was so special, Mr. and Mrs. Jones giddily told Tamara to "feed the kids anything that they wanted from the fridge" and to "do anything that the kids wanted to do, just so they don't get killed." They also said that they would be "back late, although we are not sure when," leaving Tamara to think that she might be staying over that night as she had in the past. Given the Jones’ statements, Tamara let the kids make their own dinner from the fridge, which included hot fudge sundays and left-over pizza. Then Constance suggested that they all go over to ZZZ's Amusement Park to visit "Car Wreck for Less," a new mini-car game in which drivers in battery operated mini-cars, padded by rubber, rode about in a curb-enclosed ring. Everyone thought Constance had a great idea. When the group arrived at "Car Wreck for Less," the operators explained to a concerned Sally that their cars could travel no faster than 15 m.p.h., in accordance with federal regulations. They also stated that Miniature Inc., the makers of the mini- cars, also complied in every way with federal regulations. Convinced that everything was safe, Sally encouraged everyone to pile into the cars. Whereas Sally and Peter had their own cars, Tamara and Constance shared one together. Yet all did not go well. After several minutes of riding, Constance, an affectionate child, was so delighted that she stood up to hug Tamara tightly in a moment of appreciation. Tamara yelled, "No, no, not now." Constance's hug, however, caused Tamara to step on the "go" pedal. Peaking at the top speed of 15 m.p.h, Tamara’s car sped over the curb and into Jodie, who was waiting in line to purchase a ticket. Both Tamara and Constance hit their heads on the steering wheel, and Jodie fell, hurting her leg. Distraught at seeing her sister and babysitter's situation, Sally stopped her car in the middle of the ring and jumped out to hasten her way over to the curb to help out. In the process, however, Sally was hit by Jim, who was veering to the side in an effort to avoid her. Sally’s leg was injured and Jim suffered a serious head wound when his head hit the steering wheel. In the meantime, the excitement caused Peter to become ill from the rich dinner that he had eaten. In an effort to move quickly to the side of the ring so that he could ease his upset stomach , he ran into Elaine who, from all accounts, was not doing anything wrong. The jolt seriously sprained Elaine's neck, and injured Peter's hand, which bent back in an effort to shield his head from the steering wheel. These turbulent events paled in comparison to the litigious tenure of the parties involved. Everyone wanted to sue at least one other party for their injuries. Assume that the Jones live in the
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