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Alternative Funding - organization public relations...

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Alternative Funding 1 Alternative Funding HSM 270 July 1, 2011 Cylenthia Hoyrd
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Alternative Funding 2 Social networking has made it a great deal easier for human service organizations to obtain funds. Websites like facebook and twitter make it easier to connect with people interested in addressing social issues. Organizations now have the option to gain access to funding from people globally. An organizations web page can list methods for donating funds and some organization will sell goods at an online store. Selling goods from an online store does two things it generates funds for your organization and it promotes awareness. An additional method of alternative funding is connecting with a faith-based organization. Faith based organizations that are willing to have programs that can help organizations generate funds. Faith based organization are willing to hold concerts, pay an
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Unformatted text preview: organization public relations speakers to address their congregation and generate funds through mission offerings. Goodwill industries Columbus has a method for alternative funding where program participants make art. Some of the art is on jewelry and some on greeting cards. Art patrons from the community donate funds art supplies and volunteer time. It is also a great way to provide an activity for their program participants. The art is sold daily at the central office and at many of the city festivals. Social networking and innovation has changed the way an organization can gain access to funds. Organizations no longer have to rely only on the traditional methods of funding. Alternative Funding 3 References Goodwill Columbus. (2011). Goodwill art studio and gallery. Retrieved on July 1, 20111 retrieved from
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Alternative Funding - organization public relations...

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