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CONCLUSIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS The major conclusions and recommendations from our research of past Serial Killers tell the signs to look for during childhood. Generally, the signs to look for in boys from childhood to teenagers are that they have been abused by being physically beaten, neglected, mentally abused or sexually assaulted. Other signs are if they torture or kill small animals, have an obsession with fire, or unusual fetishes. During their teenage years another indication to look for is if they keep to themselves and seclude themselves from society and then turn to peeping. Also if the child has
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Unformatted text preview: in their family history cases of alcohol or drug abuse this can be a factor as well. In conclusion we know that not every young boy that matches the descriptions of signs means that they will turn out to be a serial killer we just want the public to be aware of some troubling signs to watch for and to seek in getting the child some type of help. On the basis of these conclusions we recommend that these are the signs to look at to see if a child has these signs of becoming a Serial Killer and if they do then you may want to get the child some help and counseling....
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