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Selita Jenkins Mrs. Edwards ENG 2301-14 April 21, 2011 Study Guide Son-Jara Episode 1: 1. Notice the praise names of Son-Jara. He is Nare Magan Konate Sorcerer-Seizing Sorcerer and Biribiriba . 2. It means that if you succeed then so shall your descendents that follow. 3. Mali Empire 4. Son-Jara’s antagonist 5. Lion 6. Bard’s apprentice Episode 2: 7. Fata Magan descends from Kanu Nyogen Simbon , who was the grandson of Bilal . 8. Saman Berete Episode 3: 9. She is the buffalo woman. Her nephew is Magan Jata Konde of Du. 10. Magan Jata Konde of Du insults Du Kamisa by slashing off her breasts. 11. She transforms herself into a buffalo and starts terrorizing the twelve towns of Du. 12. Tura-Magan-and-Kanke-Jan 13. That there is always an alternative solution to a problem. 14. They must seek sanctuary with Cordwainer Patriarch (old sage). 15. Dan Mansa Wulundin kills the buffalo with a spindle stick. 16. The king reacts happy and rewards the brothers for the buffalo's death. 17. The king recognizes the hunters who have killed the buffalo are by them fitting the sandals and put the blade in his sheath.
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Jenkinsenglish2301-1 - Selita Jenkins Mrs. Edwards ENG...

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