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Jenkins 1 Selita Jenkins English 111-E31 Ms. Bowen May 5, 2010 Computers in the Classroom Not a Distraction Computers have become part of our everyday lives with the rapid growth of technology. The use of computers in classrooms has increased extremely; this action certainly has become beneficial to students and instructors. Some skeptics would say that computers in a classroom are distractions, but there are positive reasons to have computers in the classrooms. One reason is to help instructors with classroom assignments. Next, computers help students to do assignments or take notes while in the classroom. Last reason that computers are not a distraction is that each instructor need to have control of how much that the students can do while in class on a computer. Computers in the classroom environment assist instructors with classroom assignments. When teachers are giving notes on the board they have their back to their students while teaching. So by the teachers using a projector they will have better contact and communication with their students. Then there is an issue in the school system with parents wanting to know about the children schoolwork; yet it’s sometimes difficult for a parent to take time out of to visit the teachers. Computers can help the teacher by being able to communicate better not only with their students, but also with their parents being able to view the student’s grades and assignments online can benefit everyone. Laura Coleman tells how “Many school systems realize how necessary it is to make sure students have access to up-to-date, functional computers and Internet availability.” With so much new technology being made every year teachers can use computers
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Jenkins 2 to get the fastest up-to-date information out to the students whether than waiting until they can find an article that would be good to use in a classroom to discuss. “Computers have made learning so much more real-time” (Davis). Many students in colleges will need to know how to use computers for nearly everything in their future. It opens up an entire curriculum in school; students now are required to know how to operate computers and type up assignments instead of turning in handwritten assignments. Another key change in the classroom environment has forced teachers to learn more
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Selita Jenkins - Jenkins 1 Selita Jenkins English 111-E31...

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