PSY240 Syllabus - PSY240IntroductiontoAbnormalPsychology...

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PSY240 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology  MAY/JUNE 2011 University of Toronto, Department of Psychology Course Syllabus Mondays and Wednesdays 6-9pm  Sidney Smith Rm 2117 Instructor Martha McKay, MA PhD Student, Department of Psychology Mood and Anxiety Program, CAMH 416-535-8501 x7377 (voicemail) Office: 250 College Street, 12 th Floor, Rm 1244 Office Hours: Mondays 4:30pm-5:30pm Teaching  Assistant Christie Burton, MA Office Hours: Monday, June 6 th Monday, June 20 th from 10am-12pm Office Location: Rm R7, 1 st Floor, 250 College St., CAMH Teaching  Assistant Sarah Kane, BSc Office Hours: Monday, June 6th from 4-6pm & Monday, June 20th from 4-6pm Office Location: Room 119, SG floor, Sidney Smith Hall Welcome to Intro to Abnormal Psychology!   This course will introduce you to the field of adult psychopathology through theoretical, clinical, and scientific perspectives. The first part of the course will examine the concept of abnormality, and theories of psychopathology through biological, psychological and social perspectives. Also specific research and assessment methods used to study and identify various psychopathologies will be discussed. The second portion of the course will discuss a number of psychological disorders and will include: features and symptoms of the various disorders; theories of the etiology of the disorder based on current empirical evidence; and current treatment approaches. At the end of this course, students will be able to identify theories of psychopathology from various perspectives, features and
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PSY240 Syllabus - PSY240IntroductiontoAbnormalPsychology...

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