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hw09 - ECE 315 Homework 9 Due 11:15am in the drop box...

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ECE 315 Homework 9 Due 11:15am, November 19, 2007 in the drop box 1. (Design of cascode differential amplifier) (a) Sketch the circuit diagram of an active-load MOS differential amplifier where the input transistors are cascoded, and a cascode current mirror is used for the active load. (8 pts) (b) If all of your NMOS transistors are operated at an overdrive voltage of V OV and all NMOS and PMOS transistors have the same early voltage of | V A |, derive the gain expression as: A d = 2(V A /V OV ) 2 . Evaluate the gain for V OV =0.25V and V A =20V. (8 pts) 2. (Frequency response of amplifiers) For an NMOSFET in an amplifier setup with C gs =0.5pF, C gd =0.1pF, C db =0.1pF, C L =1pF (including C db ), g m =5mA/V, r o = 20k Ω , and R sig = R L = 20k Ω , (a) In the CS amplifier of Fig. 6.20, use the Miller theorem to find the quasi-static gain A M and the 3-dB corner frequency f H . (8 pts) (b) Repeat (a) with the open-circuit time constant method. Is the answer different? Give the percentage contribution to τ H by each of the three capacitances ( C gs , C gd and C L ). Give also the gain-bandwidth product. (8 pts)
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