Language of correlation and regression

Language of correlation and regression - Pearsons r or the...

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1. Lets say you’ve just calculated a regression equation = + Y a bx where you are looking at the relationship between the number of hours of TV a college student watches per week and the student’s gpa. You find that a = 4.0 and b=-.02 What is your regression equation? What is the predicted gpa for a student who watches two hours of TV per week? If a student doesn’t watch any TV per week what is the predicted GPA? 2. Now lets say that you’ve calculated the
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Unformatted text preview: Pearsons r or the correlation coefficient for this equation. You find that r = -0.65 What does this tell you? 3. Now lets say you want to know how much variation in X (or GPA, your dependent variable) is explained by Y (hr of TV watched). You calculate r 2 or the Coefficient of Determination. This is 0.42. What does this number tell you about your regression equation?...
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