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REVIEW FOR EXAM 1 - REVIEW FOR EXAM#1 Be able to identify...

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REVIEW FOR EXAM #1 Be able to identify the independent and dependent variables and the correct unit of analysis in a stated hypothesis. For example: The average income for men is higher than the average income for women. Or As a state average income level increases quality of life measures for each state increases. Unit of analysis is going to be either individual or group, you can identify it as individual, or if group the actual group such as household, or city, or country or state etc. Be able to identify the level of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio) when given an example of a variable. For example: Race Gender Income measured in dollars per year Age measured in groups of 0-22, 23-40, 41-55, 56 and older. Understand the difference between levels of measurements. Nominal, ordinal, interval/ratio. Be able to identify dichotomous variables. Be able to calculate proportions (p), percentages(%), cumulative frequencies(cf), cumulative percentages (cum%) if given a frequency table.
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