TWO WAY CHI SQUARE gender and taxes

TWO WAY CHI SQUARE gender and taxes - calculate f e Cell f...

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TWO WAY CHI SQUARE You have the following data regarding gender and attitude toward paying taxes. Gender Attitude toward amount of taxes paid Male Female Total Too Much 60 33 Right Amount 55 54 Too Little 32 68 Total Null Hypothesis: Research Hypothesis: Compute a Chi Square test of significance Formula for Chi Square Chi Square f e = expected frequencies = e e o f f f 2 2 ) ( χ f o = observed frequencies For Two way f e = (column total)(row total) N (two way) df = (r – 1)(c – 1) r = the number of rows c = the number of columns You will create a table again to calculate the chi square for a two way test, the main difference here is how you
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Unformatted text preview: calculate f e . Cell f o f e f o-f e (f o-f e ) 2 (f o-f e ) 2 /f e Upper left 60 Upper right 33 Middle left 55 Middle right 54 Lower left 32 Lower right 68 SUM for X 2 What are your degrees of freedom? Df=(r-1)(c-1)= What is your critical value from the Chi Square table? For which levels of significance? What does this tell us about our calculated Chi Square and our population? What can we say about the null hypothesis?...
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