redial - end SUCCESS=zeros(1,TESTSET_COUNT 1 for...

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%redial.m OUTPUTS=cell(1,TESTSET_COUNT+1); DIFFERENCES=cell(1,TESTSET_COUNT+1); OUTPUTS{1,1}=sign(W*y); DIFFERENCES{1,1}=sum((d-OUTPUTS{1,1}).^2,1); for COUNT=1:TESTSET_COUNT OUTPUTS{1,COUNT+1}=sign(W*TESTSET{1,COUNT}); DIFFERENCES{1,COUNT+1}=sum((d-OUTPUTS{1,COUNT+1}).^2,1);
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Unformatted text preview: end SUCCESS=zeros(1,TESTSET_COUNT+1); for r=1:TESTSET_COUNT+1 for p=1:P if DIFFERENCES{1,r}(1,p)==0 SUCCESS(1,r)=SUCCESS(1,r)+1; end end end stem(SUCCESS) %------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
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