Changing Perspective Paper

Changing Perspective Paper - Changing Perspective Paper...

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Changing Perspective Paper Tonia Pieper Axia College at University of Phoenix Psychology 220 What’s right with me?
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Since I am a nurse, I have both sides of the view when people are saying they are not hurting but their body language tells you something different. Being a nurse is a challenging career, but the biggest thing that I have encountered was when I was coming on to a shift and the nurse I am relieving tells me that a patient every four hours is ringing their call light for pain medication. She seemed irritated because of them calling her several times. It can view from her point as a patient that just wants the pain medication or them pushing the call light to annoy her. In my eyes, if a patient is saying they are hurting and you are assessing their pain level, then maybe that medication is not covering their pain needs. That is where you have to become an investigator and go and find out what is happening. When going in to assess this patient, for any reason, several things come into play, such as their religion, personal choices, and their view on what is happening to them. You need to go in there with a non judgmental attitude and go over what they want their pain scale to be in between.
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Changing Perspective Paper - Changing Perspective Paper...

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