Empathy - as a hateful person but I did change my initial...

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Empathy Tonia Pieper Axia College at the University of Phoenix Psychology 220 What’s Right with Me.
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A person in my life that I formed a negative feeling for would be a past coworker. I worked at a prison and an inmate came in with his hand bleeding and this coworker yelled at him and told him that we could not see him, even though he was bleeding all over the floor. I took it to heart and I took care of his hand and sent him back to his dorm. She got very angry with me and told me that the next time I take of a prisoner; I needed to make sure I learned to make them wait. I would be willing to change my opinion towards person, but I still feel I was doing the appropriate action for the situation. I did apologize to her for being tough over it, but I did not feel it was right for him to stand there bleeding all over the floor. I know I classified her
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Unformatted text preview: as a hateful person, but I did change my initial feeling for her once we both had time to think it over. The snap judgment to me was how I reacting to the patient’s needs and not worrying about how anyone else felt. I choose the appropriate thing to do, even though she was the manager when my boss was there. It took me a few days to be over whelmed with the thought of how she did not react to the needs of the patient. I learned not to be judgmental towards her or anyone else I worked with, but I stood by my choice to do what we as nurses are suppose to due. It was our responsibility to take of their needs and not to let someone persuade you to do what is wrong, but to act on the nursing guidelines that we stand to each day when we are dealing with any patients....
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Empathy - as a hateful person but I did change my initial...

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