final paper of human resources

final paper of human resources - The link between law,...

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The link between law, democracy, government policy, and employee behavior Lisa Moore University of Phoenix Ethics in Justice and Security CJA/530 March 18, 2010 Roger Long The link between law, democracy, government policy, and employee behavior For years society has been governed by various concepts and values, for example, law, democracy and governmental policy serve the same purpose to guide and limit the behavior and practices of the people. These concepts and values have a huge effect on two areas (1) the people in terms of the criminal justice system, and (2) the direct involvement with the private sector, which employs majority amount of the workforce in the United States, for example the employee’s behavioral practices. The definition of these concepts is important to learn how law, democracy, government policy and employee’s behavior concepts are linked. Law is a system of rules and regulations, used to govern the people, and businesses within the public and private sector, usually enforced through a set of institutions. Law shapes our politics, economy, and society in various ways also serves as a primary social mediator of relations between people. As a huge judiciary body, Law is the highest authority, which individuals and organizations must obey, comply, accept, and covers all aspects and issues requiring attention to provide orderly discipline. Law allows citizens to live in a safe and secure environment and provides justice to those wronged by others, and protect citizens from injustice and crime. With the laws prevailing in contemporary times, people and organizations also take note that how important it is to comply with the civil laws for a healthy society. Law is a mechanism, which is applied and implemented in several areas of socio-economic and in detecting crimes, fixing punishments, penalties, or any rehabilitation resources.
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International Court of Justice is the highest legal body, which is authorized to grant decrees for international crimes such as terrorism, international conspiracy, espionage, or corruption in economy. The rule of law is a political ideal that triumphs under the characteristics of an efficient system of government like publicity and transparency in public administration, universal and perspective enforcement of norms in society, the predictable social environment, which aided by norms in its formation, the operational equity in the
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final paper of human resources - The link between law,...

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