Fostering Commitment

Fostering Commitment - more motivated. Also by making my...

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Fostering Commitment Tonia Pieper Axia College at University of Phoenix Psychology 220 Positive Psychology
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My personal goal is to lose more weight before next summer. By applying the foster commitments provided in the book, I would have to start with striving, transforming, strengthening, and applying hope to my weight loss goal. This will take commitment, but I will not let it be the only thing that I will focus on, I will also make sure my family and friends know that I am still here. By letting them know that I will make sure that I keep everyone in my goals, it will allow me to feel more commited to my goal and to keep a strong connection to the ones I love. These suggestions help me to refocus my commitment by grasping its meaning and to make sure they consist with other goals and values. By making my should into should nots will allow me to strengthen my reach to achieve my goal and make me
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Unformatted text preview: more motivated. Also by making my moral values to honest ones, it will allow me to be able to be truthful and devoted to my weight loss goal. I will keep my commitment by just doing it and not to make any excuses in regards to why I did not work out this week or how I did not eat healthier. By setting priorities, I will be able to track my weight loss over a years time and be able to see how much weight I have actually loss. This will motivate me to continue to strive for my target weight. If something is not working, then I will need to reevaluate my strategies and try something else that will help me I will have to rethink some of goals to make sure that I allow myself the reality to see what I am losing and also to keep myself set on my goal, and to reprioritize them as needed....
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Fostering Commitment - more motivated. Also by making my...

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