Legal Issues and Principles

Legal Issues and Principles - Legal Issues and Principles...

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Legal Issues and Principles In order to discuss the legal risks and principles that apply to our week three simulation it is first necessary to define specific terms which are vital to understanding these principles. For example as mentioned in chapter 9 of our reading “Contracts are the basis of many of our daily activities. They provide the means for individuals and businesses to sell and otherwise transfer property, services and other rights.” (Cheeseman, 2010 p. 153). As mentioned in our simulation Span Systems whom is a e-banking software developer has entered into a service contract which can be defined as “ the hiring of employees for a given task” (Cheeseman, 2010 p.153) with its customer/client Citzen –Schwart (C-S : German Bank). Span systems has entered into this service contract in order to provide C-S with a e- banking system software however, as mentioned in the simulation one of the main problems which occur and lead to litigation and courts is not only extremely costly but also time consuming and usually ends up as a loss for both parties (ex. Majestic case) is ambiguity and lack of clarity. In other words clarity of purpose is vital in successful contracts. This unfortunately is the exact predicament that Span Systems has fallen into. Due to change C-S expectation changes and possibly the change of C-S change of project manager, and no change in the contract for such unforeseen aspects Span Systems has fallen behind schedule and delivery and not to mention quality due to unexpected pressure. Mr. Ther the negotiator of C-S is extremely unhappy with the current events and progress and is threatened to cancel the contract by sending an official letter to Mr. Grant the Director of Span Systems projects. This is a large project and Span Systems does not want to lose out on this opportunity the other projects that C-S has in their pipeline. Therefore, Span Systems team have decided to take matter into their own hands and address the termination letter by reviewing the breach of contract clauses in the initial contract between parties and figuring out which method and approach to use in order to gain back the trust of the customer and settle matters in order to complete the contract and project
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Legal Issues and Principles - Legal Issues and Principles...

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