Assessing Individual Readiness for Virtual Environment

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Assessing Individual Readiness for Virtual Environment My column A score range was a 1 (between 1-3) means that working with a virtual team will be a relatively easy process for me to communicate and participate with my virtual team members. My column B score was a 8 (between 7-9) means that virtual work will be an easy and welcoming change for me. I believe that I work very well with others, while I have never had a virtual team I am looking forward to the opportunities it brings. I check my email constantly; I am very organized and stick to deadlines. I am motivated simply knowing that an assignment is due, and it needs to be completed with accuracy to achieve an appropriate grade. Face-To-Face
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Unformatted text preview: interaction is not necessary in order for me to complete the task at hand. Sharing goals ideas and thoughts as a team ensure that everyone is on the same page, and we can all work equally and collaboratively through discussion boards, and video chat. Due to time restraints and individuals personal responsibility it may not be possible for everyone to be online at the same time. But through proper communication and efficient email, we can all be made aware of each member’s progress. As well as answer any questions of our members who are having difficulties of any kind....
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