The Stock Market Game

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Unformatted text preview: The Stock Market Game Click to edit Master subtitle style 7/15/11 Strategies andEnergy, Cheesecake Factory tar improving companys erformance before purchase {2F1FDDA3-CBC6-4081-8AF6-2E105963B8B7} Initial Strategy {A68B50BA-6F68-469E-8321-8194B5B1DDEC} {1F321EF1-99B6-4683-98F5-4D21FFAAEED6} Revised Strategy {64131ED7-246D-481E-B1D9-96C4F31F2BA0} {AF2D8FC4-7FEE-4C3A-A48E-303D59385000} What was bought {3F685F0D-1F70-47B5-B106-71C60C5887B0} Buy a bunch of random stock known companysFord Motor Company, Purchase Anheuser Bush, 7/15/11 Selection Process rtential forfield new devices ompanies to work for tric Company growing growth releasing many {2C7F6BEB-D3B3-41CF-AACE-200333F1DBCE} {65E3E15F-C3CB-45D0-88CF-B4A35F759841} NuStar Energy Verizon Wireless {D62435F7-6296-4878-A9D3-90F37E7BA311} El Paso Energy {7E9DF066-87BF-4794-B407-05F9329018D4} Very popular service provider 7/15/11 ular loved thisof others do to ers beer ften millions place Verizon Wireless {AFB33719-BFF9-47E6-8285-93A91414021A} {4E482804-C98F-463D-B057-697257CF61C9} Ford Motor Company Anheuser Bush {C73A310D-C9F0-4B1A-9FBF-652C3168D303} {46233D2B-6730-4669-B2C2-E7739C6BE3D1} Cheesecake Factory {7DE19910-8C51-40DC-B2C8-2612BC251142} {85AB0253-BDC2-4C1A-8DEE-71F3060940E2} Ford is the bestReleased a Houstonfuel efficient vehicles Rodeo Texas fleet of and they were a sponsor in was in 7/15/11 Expected Return {E1C6314C-7781-48D2-B474-6C5F59EBB2E3} {CE91B6DD-74E7-40EB-A5F0-88E4908262B2} {09DFD564-8459-4F54-8E8D-D557D58C6B18} ll our stock to do extremely well we To Rankinvested conclusion of the To double what initially # 1 at the 7/15/11 Actual Return • 3.90 % 7/15/11 Total Return % and $ 3.90 % $3, 900 7/15/11 Biggest Gain and Loss • • Our biggest loss was NuStar Energy 0.59% Our biggest gain was Cheesecake Factory +8.46% 7/15/11 ...
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