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Syllabus 306.04 F10 FTF

Syllabus 306.04 F10 FTF - Jesse H Jones School of Business...

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Jesse H. Jones School of Business Texas Southern University MKTG 306: Principles of Marketing THIS IS AN ONLINE-ASSISTED COURSE Course: MKTG 306.04 Instructor: David E. Hansen Semester: Fall 2010 Office: JHJ 362 Time: 1:00-1:50pm MWF Tel: (713) 313-7487 Place: JHJ 108 Email: [email protected] Office Hrs: MWF 11-1pm Blackboard: texsu.blackboard.com or by appt Prerequisites Junior standing (60 semester hours on Banner); basic Acctg & Econ highly recommended Required Text Marketing (latest edition) by Pride and Ferrell. New York: Houghton-Mifflin. Teaching Philosophy and Goals In addition to learning the basics of marketing, this course will offer you a chance to improve your computer skills, your time management, and your professionalism. This is a “no excuses” learning environment designed for disciplined self-starters who comply with rules because they understand their necessity, and are motivated to succeed without hand-holding. The stakes are high, as in the past approximately 35% of the class has had to drop the course or has failed. But the rewards are high as well—you will learn independence and self-reliance, and how to learn on your own for the rest of your life. Deadlines are a key part of this learning experience, so get your work in on time, and don't skip assignments. Course Description and Online/Blackboard Requirements This course uses an online format via Blackboard (http://texsu.blackboard.com) to introduce the fundamentals of marketing to the student. This will take advantage of the communication options that exist via internet, and allow students to obtain PowerPoint slides and other information as needed, to submit homework electronically by assigned deadlines, and to take tests online at specified times. It will also facilitate team meetings. Pre-assignments: You will need to do the following before January 20th. a. You must make sure your email address is in the Banner system by going to www.tsu.edu, then to Enrollment, then My Web, then Personal Information, then Update Email Address. If you do not have an email address, see the 2 nd floor computer lab monitors to obtain a free email address as soon as possible. b. Check your access to Blackboard, with your ID <lastname+first initial+last four digits of T-number> (your TSU ID number) and your password (6-digit birth date).
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c. Check out your TSU-assigned email address on MyTSUweb (go to tsu.edu and look in the upper right hand part of the screen for the red link). d.
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Syllabus 306.04 F10 FTF - Jesse H Jones School of Business...

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