ETH 125 Week 9 Assignment

ETH 125 Week 9 Assignment - Race and My Community Research...

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Race and My Community- Research Project Amber Thacker ETH/125 July 1, 2011 Rebecca Mayernik
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Race and My Community I am white and I am treated fairly, but what about the people around me in my community. This a thought that more people should have in mind in their everyday lives. I am from a small town, called Martinsville, Virginia with a population of 14,560. (Martinsville Henry County Virginia Economic Development) As of July 2009, 54.9 % of our town’s population was white alone and 41.5% was black alone. (Martinsville Henry County Virginia Economic Development) The Hispanic race only makes up 5.2% of our population. (Martinsville Henry County Virginia Economic Development) So there is not much room for a wide array of cultures and ethnicity within our community. But there is some diversity within our community and race is a big deal for most of the population. When I take the moment to look around in my community I do see that the majority of the people do look like me. I see much of our community as being your average, white American. Of course the hair color, eye color, skin tones, sizes, and heights do vary from person to person but for the most part we look similar. On the other hand almost half of our community is African American and they do look different than I do. They are anywhere from light to dark skinned, and have dark eyes. Most of the African Americans in our area do look similar to each other. The other minority that you will see in our community is the Hispanic people. However, the statistic about the Hispanic people in my community was shocking to me because I would have thought that there were more Hispanics in our community. But I do know that there are several illegal immigrants in our area as well, so I believe this has affected the statistics in our area. The Hispanics in our community look similar to each other with fairly dark skin and hair. Most of the Hispanics in our area do not much English, if any at all, so it can be difficult to communicate with them. So I do believe that the majority of our community looks like I do, but almost half of the community does look completely different than me. This class is very beneficial for a person like me who is not very involved with their community. I have really opened my eyes to the people around me and how we are all affected by diversity. I was also interested to learn about the leaders in my community as well. As I look at the leaders of my community I notice that almost all of
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ETH 125 Week 9 Assignment - Race and My Community Research...

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