Psy 220 Week 4 assignment

Psy 220 Week 4 assignment - Wise Judgment Scenario Amber...

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Wise Judgment Scenario Amber Thacker May 28, 2011 PSY/220 Barbara Newman
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A teenage girl is “in love” with her 17-year-old boyfriend. He is encouraging her to have sex with him saying that he will make sure they only have “protected” sex. As humans we are required to use our ability to make wise judgments on a daily basis, and in this scenario the teenage girl can use the five components of wise judgment to help her decide what to do in this difficult situation. The girl’s decision is her choice whether it is the best choice for her or not. Ultimately, it is a decision that she has to make for herself and hopefully by using these five components she would be able to make the correct choice. The first component of wise judgment is factual knowledge about matters of life. This component focuses on knowledge about human nature, interpersonal relations, and social norms (Bolt, 2004). Utilizing this component will help the girl to understand what is motiving her boyfriend to pressuring her into having sex with him. She should be able to conclude that her boyfriend is a typical 17-year-old boy with raging hormones, and the desire to have sex is just part of his human nature. She may also be able to conclude that he may be trying to fit in with social norms. Perhaps his friends have had sex and they are pressuring him into having sex to fit in with the group. The girl has to decide if her boyfriend wants to have sex for right reasons, such as he loves her and feels that he is ready to take their relationship to the next level. Or for the wrong reason such as, to fit in with friends, or just to have sex and it has nothing to do with his feelings for her. The second component of wise judgment is procedural knowledge. Procedural knowledge is based upon strategies for dealing with life’s problems, handling conflict, and ways of offering advice (Bolt, 2004). This component can help the girl explain the consequences of
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Psy 220 Week 4 assignment - Wise Judgment Scenario Amber...

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